Questions? Contact Locksmith Chico via Email: License # LOC5844 Locksmith Chico’s Tips and Tricks for Keys, Locks and Locksmith Service in Chico California. Tips and Tricks!  Have you lost your keys to your car or truck? If you have the time, tools and expertise, here are a few tips that can save you some cold hard cash! Key codes are your friend.  Check you owners manual to see if a Key Code was written down in your book by the dealer.  Some Fords came with a road side assistance card that was yellow and blue, and on the back was a space for a key code to be written in. Was it a Honda key? Honda is real good about stamping key codes on most, if not all locks in the car.  pull the glove box or trunk lock and check for a code, if there is one, take the lock to a locksmith and they can cut a key to code for that car. Toyota cars and trucks have key codes - usually stamped on the passenger side door lock.  In most cases you must pull the door panel and remove the lock from the door handle to get to the code, but the code is good as gold because you can save $100 pulling the code yourself over having a locksmith come out and do it. Chevy stamps codes on their ignition locks, but you must remove the lock to get to the code.  Often times this means picking the lock over or on older vehicles, removing the steering wheel (requiring special tools and expertise) - But if you do have a code, and your Chevrolet or GMC uses a transponder key - you can program the keys yourself using OBP (on board programming) instructions that can be found on the web. Ford, well your out of luck in most cases, best to call a locksmith and have it done right.  You will most likely save time and money if you higher a professional to generate a replacement key (sometimes called a 1st key). Can you take a door lock into a shop and have a key made? Yes and No.  Often times the door lock does not have all of the wafers the ignition has, so a key can be made that works the door lock, but it’s missing information needed to complete a key. BMW - if you lost all of the keys to your Beamer, your in for an expensive and unpleasant time.  New keys can be ordered from Germany (from the dealership) and they aren’t going to be cheap.  It’s best, if you are down to 1 key, to bite the bullet and have a copy made. Can’t afford a Transponder key copy/clone? have a service key made.  This is a key that has the milling and cuts of your high dollar key, but no chip.  it can be used to unlock the door and save you money if you need a transponder key made from scratch, because you will already have all of the information the locksmith needs for the mechanical cuts of the key. Find a better deal for keys on-line? buyer beware, most locksmiths won’t cut keys that people bring in because they can not grantee they will work.  Many keys have been brought to me that had the wrong chip, no chip, or a chip that was bad. If your fancy key or keyless remote suddenly stops working, check your cars fuses and check to see if it’s a battery problem with the remove or keys.  Some chip keys use batteries. You can read more about those on our Transponder page. Car keys Credit Card Logos Locksmith Chico logo and phone number